SUP Yoga Sri Lanka

Join us at our incredible floating studio in magical Sri Lanka, and take your yoga practice to another level or begin your wonderful Yoga journey with us using Stand Up Paddle Boards mixed with classical Yoga practises.

We offer our SUP YOGA Experience and W15 Escape SUP Yoga Retreat to those of you who practise yoga or those have never done so and also to those of you organising your own Yoga retreats in Sri Lanka


Our one day SUP Yoga Experience is a joyful day open to everyone visiting here and gives a wonderful taste of the magic of SUP Yoga practised in the most stunning of surroundings , our centre and lagoon.

Our  W15 Escape SUP Yoga Retreat  fully immerses you in this wonderful tropical world of balance, nature and mindfulness while staying in one of the loveliest boutique hotels in Sri Lanka. Our Retreat has been planned with care and attention to detail that ensures that if you’re an individual, couple or group it will become one of your most memorable life journeys.

You may be a Yoga or SUP Yoga teacher already and we are more than happy to work with you to plan a retreat so do see our Yoga Retreats Sri Lanka page and please contact us and we know that we can make your retreat that little bit more special.

boga yoga boards
beautiful sri lanka
sup yoga on our private lagoon

We are a brand partner with HeadSpace, the world’s most successful mindfulness app and our moments of meditation are spent discovering this practical yet enlightening system.

As Andy Puddicombe, co-founder and the voice of Headspace says:
“Approached in the right way, yoga is the perfect physical expression of meditation. But just because we put the body in a certain position does not mean that the mind is necessarily undistracted. Practicing yoga on an SUP board demands our attention and asks considerably more of the mind, gently encouraging a greater sense of calm, focus and balance. Preparing the mind beforehand will ensure you get the most benefit from these sessions.”

SUP Yoga Sri Lanka is proud to be a Boga Yoga Floating Studio

You will discover your new found sense of balance & clarity with Yoga classes on Boga Yoga Stand Up Paddleboards and we thank them for their unfailing help in making our dream a reality here in Sri Lanka.

So come and join us on our incredible journey, full of light, love, nature and discovery. Our journey is unique in the world of Yoga and we want to take you with us.


‘Every morning we are born again.
What we do today is what matters most.’
The Buddha
boga yoga boards
beautiful sri lanka
sup yoga on our private lagoon