Sri Lanka and our Centre


SUP yoga sri lanka on tripadvisorThere is a magic about Sri Lanka that cannot be expressed but only experienced. Beyond the smiling welcoming people and the enveloping tropical beauty there is a deeper peace that naturally brought our SUP Yoga Escape and Groups Escape here. With a fascinating history enriched by many faiths, we know that your time on this captivating island will truly enhance your experience with us.


Sri Lanka has always been known for its stunning coastline, but little is known of its beautiful lakes, lagoons and waterways. We at SUP Yoga Sri Lanka have discovered one of the most idyllic, tranquil and safe lagoons in the Southern area of Sri Lanka.

Our jetty allows easy access onto the water and we’ve teamed up with a local fishing family to provide a magical and friendly welcome. The mystical quality of this lagoon will enhance your SUP Yoga experience.

When you combine passion, experience and the willingness to share knowledge, only great things come about. Tim Jones and his amazing team are just this and have created a floating studio in Sri Lanka. It will expose SUP Yoga to people throughout the world and share the concept of a healthy lifestyle! 

Jeramie Vain SUP Yoga legend and someone so helpful to us. Thank  you Jeramie.

sup yoga sri lanka entrance


In our search for the perfect location for SUP Yoga Sri Lanka we’ve found a 200 year old Colonial house and garden, which we have newly refurbished. Here you will be spending most of your time training, meditating, relaxing, eating and getting to know each other. We know that a strong bond is often made between our guests, and the peaceful and welcoming atmosphere of our Centre encourages you to stay long after your practices have finished.

We truly love our Centre, its beauty and warmth will captivate you. During the Buddhist blessing of this building, the Head Monk remarked upon the tranquility and peace that he knew that people would encounter here with us. Browse the gallery to see more.