Your Yoga Practice

SUP yoga sri lanka on tripadvisorOf course SUP Yoga on our wonderful lagoon is at the core of our practise but we want to expand your yoga journey as much as possible while you with us.

When you’re with us on our W15 Escape SUP Yoga Retreat or with us on our SUP Yoga Experience each morning you will be using Yoga Balance Boards at our wonderful centre and in our atmospheric and tranquil garden practise area. With this practise you not only do you gain experience of Yoga on an unstable surface but also, very importantly, connect with your core balance and breathing which is essential to all Yoga.

After each and every session at the lagoon we take part in a gentle Yoga session combined with a relaxing head massage and focus on meditative breath.

If you’ve taken the option to be with us at our W15 Escape SUP Yoga Retreat you have 4 or 5 evening Yoga classes to attend at various wonderful locations. These are lead by dedicated Yoga teachers who have chosen to make Sri Lanka their home and the ideal location to expand their Yoga teaching.