Head Space is an online platform that’s changing our perceptions of mindfulness and meditation. We have a close relationship with co founder Andy Puddicombe here at SUP Yoga Sri Lanka and together we decided to incorporate Head Space mindfulness training into what we offer you, before, here and after your visit to us

If you with us on a day’s SUP Yoga Experience or with us on our W15 Escape SUP Yoga Retreat each day will begin with an easy and accessible 10 minute Mindfulness meditation session.

Check out our Meditation page to find out more, you can start your journey even before booking by going to the Head Space website where a free 10 days program is available  – 10 minutes a day in 10 days will bring extra calm and clarity to your life.SUP yoga sri lanka on tripadvisor

As Andy says…

“Approached in the right way, yoga is the perfect physical expression of meditation. But just because we put the body in a certain position does not mean that the mind is necessarily undistracted. Practicing yoga on an SUP board demands our attention and asks considerably more of the mind, gently encouraging a greater sense of calm, focus and balance. Preparing the mind beforehand will ensure you get the most benefit from these sessions.”